Thursday, December 2, 2010

"I want to make movies, but I don't know where to start!"

"Well, you gotta start somewhere, kid."

No, really.  You do have to start somewhere.  Ask yourself a simple question.  "What five  movies would I like to have if I were stranded for 20 hours on a deserted island with only a large bag of popcorn, a big screen tv and a dvd/blu-ray player?"  Be honest, here.  I really like a good movie with a semi-retired taxi-driver who desperately wishes he had pursued a career in acting as much as the next film-geek, but if I am going to be simply hanging out at the desert island entertainment center, I want horror movies.  I want a pretty girl pursued by something horrible.  I want a dark being from the distant past.  I want to see a man battling his own inner monster.  I want a scientist mutating into a slimy thing.  I want a house of mystery and a door to terror.  I want blood, gore, shivers, jumps, screams, laughs, and jolts!  Dammit, I want to be ENTERTAINED!

I am not saying you have to like genre movies to follow this blog, but I am betting you'll get a bit more out of it if you do.  Because on this desert island, you don't have a dvd/blu-ray player, or a big screen tv.  You have a goup of willing people who love the idea of getting some fake blood in their hair, and trying something a little crazy, and you are going to make those five movies!  Well, okay, I am going to make those five movies.  In fact, I am going to make THOSE five movies!  I am going to make them, and YOU are going to get to see how I do it!

How's THAT for entertainment?

Now, get outta here, kid.  I got work to do!

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