Sunday, December 19, 2010

"How's the script going?" or why I sometimes consider hurting my fellow humans...

When last we met, I was beginning to tell you about the method I usually use to write and how well it works for me.  Unfortunately, life, work, etc. has been getting in the way terribly over the last few days, and I am currently feeling like maybe I should consider hurting people.  No, no.  It's okay.  The meds are working.  Really.

Actually, you are going to get this a lot as you stumble down this path of creativity.  Don't fret, though, because I have some things that will make people back off.  Yes, a chainsaw WILL make them back away, but then there's all that explaining later.  Better to try these excuses, er, explanations.

"I had to find a new direction since it turns out Shakespeare was writing a hack-n-slash when he died, and they are terribly similar."

"The police contacted me and said a serial killer had found my work and was using it to copycat the murders in my script."

"I decided to give up, and make it a musical, instead.  Alan Menckin is dying to collaborate!"

"It's going slowly because it just feels like everything else out there, and I need it to be unique." (This one is true, by the way.  As I am writing, it feels a little generic.  I know I can make the movie I am writing, but I am not terribly interested in seeing it.  Part of that is the characters, and another is the formula of the hack-n-slash.  I am working on this by trying to be less predictable, and more character-based.)

"I am worried about the order of production on the features due to rapidly changing weather patterns in the world and my life."  (Also true.  Weather has been pretty drastic recently, and I am afraid we will not be able to film consistently if we start this project now, which makes me consider starting one of the other projects first.  At the same time, the hack-n-slash has an easier production style so would be ideal to get people into the feel of filming.  Also, my girlfriend sometimes makes it hard to write because she feels neglected when I spend time at the keyboard instead of with her.  Stormy weather indeed.)

Use these explanations, and watch how people react. 

See you on Wednesday!

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