Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Video Out of the Gate

Here we are, folks!

The first CME video to go up is actually the third we shot.  One of the actors we've worked with, Selase Botchway gave me a call and basically said, "I want to make a fanfilm.  Can you help?"
Of course, I said "Yes".
Selase is in incredible physical condition, really.  And he makes for a perfect superhero.
We also emplyed the incredibly beautiful Giovannie Cruz.
Unfortunately, we had an incredibly limited amount of time to shoot this, and, in fact, split the day so we could shoot this AND another video, too.  That makes for a pretty hectic schedule, but we did it.

The only thing I don't love about the shoot was that we had so little time, and the wind was so high, we had to cut the dialogue and make it a music only video.  That isn't the case of the others we will be presenting.
Keep an eye out as we continue our journey.
Because it's going to only get more violent, and crazy from here.

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